Here is a list of tournament TO BE CONFIRMED according to the numbre of participants. If you are interested into one of those tours, please contact us ASAP!

Taiwan International Rugby 10s 2023

The Taiwan International Rugby 10s 2023 will be taking place from September 9-10 2023, hosted by the Taipei International Rugby Club and Chinese Taipei Rugby Football Union.

Date: September 9-10 2023

Venue: Bailing Rugby Fields, Taipei (Taïwan)                           


Bali 10s 2023

Bali 10s 2023 is another tens tournament that saw a return in 2022 following the pandemic, the event will take place from October 12-15 2023 and included women, men, and vets 10s rugby (organised by the Bali Rugby Club).

Date: October 12-15  2023

Venue: Bali, Indonesia  


Vientiane 10s 2023

The Vientiane Tens have now been confirmed for 18-19 November 2023 and are hoping to attract local, regional and international tens rugby teams.

Date: November 18-19 2023

Venue: Vientiane, Laos                                                                                                   


Chiang Mai 10s 2023

The new tournament was held in November 2022 with women’s, men’s and vets tens contact rugby and the dates for 2023 have been confirmed

Date: November 25-26 2023

Venue: Chiang Mai, Thaïlande